Generate a Higher Return on Roof

The Solar Company® specializes in commercial solar that helps you evaluate, execute and finance an informed solar installation investment so you can achieve the highest return possible.

Why Going Solar Is the Best Decision You’ll Ever Make

If you are a commercial property owner, you should consider investing in solar energy. This is a wise business decision because...


Tax Incentives

You can take advantage of great government financial incentives and tax benefits for going solar.

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Lower Utility Bill

This free and inexhaustible energy source lets your building be energy independent.

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Business Savvy

Solar can save your business millions, increase your property value, and create a new revenue stream – all at once.

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Greener Impact

Solar is 100% renewable, generating a net positive impact on the environment and a positive impact on your company’s reputation.


It’s Easy

Our installation experts and our in-house finance team handle everything for you, from financing and design to installation.

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Commercial Rooftop Solar Installations

We Understand the Business Side of Solar

Our experts can help you go beyond the benefits of sustainability. We know the solar energy business inside and out and will help you make an informed strategic investment decision.

We Install Savings

Our in-house finance experts have a decade of experience under their belts and use a variety of strategic services to help make your commercial solar project an impressive money-making stream with a great ROI. Our design team and consultants ensure your system is right for your business. We customize a plan tailored to your energy needs, goals, and budget.

We Make Solar Simple

With the commercial solar installation cost lower than ever and commercial solar financing companies being so generous today, installing a solar energy system is easier than ever and a great investment opportunity. It can increase the value of your property, decrease operating costs, and develop a new stream of revenue for your business.

We are The Solar Company

The Solar Company is a turnkey business-to-business solar installer company. We specialize in solar panel systems for commercial real estate. Our team of experts can help maximize the value and assets of your property. Thus, we also help you take advantage of the many financial benefits of solar energy for your business.

Get Started with the Leading Commercial Solar Installation Company

The Solar Company is one of the top commercial solar companies around. We work with business leaders to install savings that cut or reduce one of their highest expenses. We help lower your utility bills and make your building energy independent with an inexhaustible and free energy source. Not only can this energy source help save you millions of dollars, but it also helps save the environment since solar energy is 100% renewable, and thus, generates a positive environmental impact for a greener solution. Get in touch with us today to book a consultation and our helpful team will answer any questions you have about solar installations.